003_I "PREMIUM COLLECTION" Ultimate Stretch Single Jacket

品番: 003_I




The new K-3B series is a collection of super stretch items made from fabric with a flat, beautiful surface texture.

The Super Stretch series is named after the Ultimate Stretch.

At first glance, you won't even notice it's a knitted garment, as it has a smooth, fine-grained surface and just the right amount of thickness. It has a refined finish that will make you look dashing in business situations.
This hyper-stretch material is made of nylon, cotton, and polyurethane, and has a strong rebound. The cotton content gives it a dry feel, but also a moist and soft texture.
We use a high-gauge 40G knitting machine, which gives the fabric a flat, clean surface that is hard to believe is a knit or jersey, creating a stylish and elegant look.

The item is made of stretchy fabric with strong stitching, making the most of the fabric's characteristics. It also has a high kickback, so it maintains a beautiful silhouette without any twisting.
In order to take advantage of the characteristics of the material, patch pockets are used so that they do not show through to the back.
Please try it out and experience the stress-free comfort that covers not only business situations but also active movements.

For pants set, please see the RECOMMENDS section below.

Model (height 185cm) wearing size 2 (L size)

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