[SALE!] ■White 019 HIGH SPEC Xylitol Mask

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The new normal even includes masks.
At K-3B, we have designed and produced a comfortable, smooth mask that is treated with xylitol to enhance the cooling sensation, making it ideal for business situations .

The original long fiber smooth fabric is treated with xylitol, which absorbs heat from sweat and moisture inside the mask, and the inside is designed to feel cool to the touch for a long time. It can also be washed and reused many times, making it economical.

The nose area is designed slightly higher to create a men's-like design that makes the profile look sharper. The style is perfect for business users, with functionality that makes it easy to wear while commuting or at business meetings. This business set-up mask combines functionality and design.

The ear straps are also made of long fiber material, so your ears won't hurt even if you wear them all day. In addition, the fabric has antibacterial, deodorizing, and quick-drying properties, and is twice as quick drying as 100% cotton fabric, so if you wash them quickly when you get home from work at night and hang them out to dry , they'll be ready to wear again the next morning in a clean condition. You can wash them every day to keep them hygienic.

We use original textiles from our synthetic fabric brand, KAJIF.

Color: Black, White, Gray (this order screen is for white)
Size: M/Width 21cm Height 13.5cm L/Width 23cm Height 14.5cm
Model (height 180cm) wearing size L *Basically, women wear size M and men wear size L.

If you are purchasing only masks, you can use Nekopos (shipping fee 440 yen). Shipping is free for purchases of 10,000 yen or more (excluding tax).

These masks are being sewn and produced together with textile companies in the Hokuriku region, which have been greatly affected by the spread of the new coronavirus. As textile companies find themselves in a difficult position, we, as a company headquartered in Ishikawa Prefecture, have thought about what we can do now together with local textile companies and planned this product.
In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these masks will be donated to medical workers.

<Please read before purchasing>

*It is thought that wearing a mask in the summer increases the risk of heatstroke.
Using this mask does not necessarily prevent heatstroke.

From the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare policies
When using a mask in the summer, be sure to pay attention to the following:

・Drink fluids frequently, regardless of whether you feel thirsty or not. ・When outdoors and you can maintain a sufficient distance from others, remove your mask. ・Children and the elderly are more susceptible to heatstroke than adults, so it is important for people around them to speak to them. ・If you feel any abnormalities, immediately move to a cool place, cool your body, remove your mask, and consult a medical institution.

●As this is a hygiene product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to size or color , so please check before ordering.

We do our best to make the product photos as close to the actual colors as possible, but the colors may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor settings and room lighting.