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A ventilation mask that gives you freedom during training and outdoor activities .
By ventilating the tip of your nose during sports or outdoor activities, you can reduce the spread of droplets while still allowing natural nasal breathing to adjust the breathability, eliminating the feeling of breathlessness .
It keeps you cool and blocks out heat from the sun. It repels rain, dries sweat, and keeps your skin stress-free.
A multi-function mask that supports your training and activities.

Make training, activities, festivals, and outdoor activities more free and comfortable.

The ear straps and K-3B logo are reflective to ensure safety when running or cycling at night. The ear straps are adjustable so your ears won't hurt even if you wear them for a long time. They also have antibacterial, deodorizing, and quick-drying properties, so if you wash them quickly after your nighttime training or running and hang them out to dry, you can wear them again the next morning in a clean condition. You can wash them every day to keep them hygienic.

Color: Black/Gray (This order screen will be for gray)
Black is here .
Size: M/Width 20cm, Height 15cm (female-male small) L/Width 22cm, Height 16cm (male)
Model (height 180cm) wearing size L *Basically, women wear size M and men wear size L.

Product Features : A multi-functional mask that allows you to train and do activities more freely and comfortably.


We designed an adjustable ventilation zipper that allows efficient air circulation (design registration pending). It allows fresh air to enter quickly while preventing droplets from spreading.

❷3D Circulation

The zipper creates a three-dimensional effect that allows air to circulate without trapping it, making it easier to breathe . It also dramatically reduces the uncomfortable feeling of the material sticking to the skin.


The zipper pull, ear straps, and logo are made of reflective material to ensure safety when running or cycling at night.

❹ Dry and clean

The outside of the mask is water-repellent to prevent rainwater and mud stains. The inside of the mask is antibacterial and deodorizing . It dries quickly and prevents bacteria growth caused by sweat, making it hygienic. It can be washed repeatedly and is sustainable.


The new heat dissipation and heat insulation material provides a long-lasting cooling effect . TERAX COOL® fabric is used to reduce heat from the sun.

6. Smooth

The smooth fabric, which is 60% cupra, is used on the skin side, greatly reducing the catching of fibers on the skin. It is stress-free even when the skin gets hot during activities.

❼Adjust & Smart Shape

The ear straps can be freely adjusted with the silicone stopper parts. The black lines on the front and sides make them look neat.

■Safe and made in Japan These masks are sewn and produced together with domestic textile companies that have been greatly affected by the spread of the new coronavirus. As textile companies are facing difficult times, we, as a company headquartered in Ishikawa Prefecture, have thought about what we can do now together with local textile companies and planned this product.

We use original textiles from our synthetic fabric brand, KAJIF.

■Product Overview Product name: Multi-function sports and outdoor ventilation MASK
Sales price: 2,970 yen each (base price 2,700 yen)
Material: Outer: 100% polyester, Lining: 60% cupra, 40% polyester
Weight: M/approx. 14g, L/approx. 15g
Size guide: M/Width 20cm, Height 15cm (female-male small) L/Width 22cm, Height 16cm (male)

[Handling Precautions]

●The side with the K-3B logo is on the chin side, so please check when wearing.
●Do not use in places where harmful dust, gas, etc. are generated.
●Masks do not completely prevent infection (intrusion). They are products to be used for the purpose of preventing droplets from spreading.
●If you have any skin abnormalities or the product does not suit your skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
●Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
When washing, we recommend soaking in lukewarm water or water mixed with household laundry detergent and then washing by hand. Washing by hand will help the product last longer.
●When putting in the washing machine, place it in a laundry net before washing.
●Avoid using a dryer.

Shipping is free for purchases of 10,000 yen or more (excluding tax).

<Please read before purchasing>

*It is believed that wearing a mask in the summer increases the risk of heatstroke.
Using this mask does not necessarily prevent heatstroke.

From the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare policies
When using a mask in the summer, be sure to pay attention to the following:

・Drink fluids frequently, regardless of whether you feel thirsty or not. ・When outdoors and you can maintain a sufficient distance from others, remove your mask. ・Children and the elderly are more susceptible to heatstroke than adults, so it is important for people around them to speak to them. ・If you feel any abnormalities, immediately move to a cool place to cool down your body, remove your mask, and consult a medical institution.

*Please keep out of reach of small children and pets.
*If you pull the elastic bands of the mask too hard, they may hit your face or eyes, which is dangerous. Please do not pull them.

●As this is a hygiene product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to size or color , so please check before ordering.

We do our best to make the product photos as close to the actual colors as possible, but the colors may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor settings and room lighting.