White ■ 034_W Smooth cotton V-neck T-shirt

品番: 034_W




New materials are now available for this V-neck T-shirt, known for its sharp and elegant look.

This season's V-neck T-shirt is made from a double fabric, a hybrid textile made from high-quality Corcoran cotton and synthetic fibers.

High-quality cotton Corcoran It is an extremely precious cotton that can only be harvested in extremely small quantities, and its characteristic is that each cotton fiber is long. Therefore, despite being a thin thread, it is strong and flexible, and has a beautiful, lustrous texture, making it a one-of-a-kind cotton thread.
Combining high-quality cotton and polyester fibers, this truly hybrid T-shirt maintains its smooth feel and luster, while also serving as a functional inner layer thanks to polyester's quick-drying and shape-retaining properties.

The V-neck is an elegant design that doesn't open too much around the neck. It has been a staple item since last year. Although simple, the logo on the hem is a subtle accent.
It has a neat size that can be worn with just a single piece and fits perfectly.
This is a recommended item that is perfect for everyday use as well as for dressy occasions, when worn under a jacket.

Color: White Model (height 185cm) Wearing size: 2 (L size)

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