Black ■ 036_YG_E Long-sleeved graphic T-shirt

品番: 036_yg_e




A simple, comfortable K-3B raglan sleeve T -shirt with a matching logo in the same color that can be worn in any situation.
The raglan sleeves make it easy to move around, and it is an item that pairs very well with K-3B items that emphasize functionality.

We use smooth fabric from KAJIF, a high-quality, functional, and sophisticated textile brand from the Hokuriku region, and have aimed to create a T-shirt fabric of the highest grade.
The high density knit is made of smooth fabric, with a flat surface and a moderate sheen. It is resistant to friction and has a moderate stretch, so it can be worn all year round without showing through your outerwear.
This material is highly absorbent and quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to care for, including washing.

The back features a K-3B original design print in the same color as the body fabric.
A long-sleeved T-shirt that makes a subtle statement.

Color: black

Model (Yoshimasa Hoshiba / height 178cm) wearing size 1 (M size)

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