Moss Gray x Metropolis Camo ■048_NA 24HR-WEARABLE Mixed Material Combination T-Shirt

品番: 048_NA

K-3B 3周年記念モデルのグラフィック・カプセルコレクション、ストレッチ素材のボックスシルエット半袖シャツ。



A new addition to the 24HR-WEARABLE (I want to wear it 24 hours a day) series, a T-shirt made with different materials.

Introducing a new T-shirt from the hugely popular series!
This stylish piece combines N fabric, which is addictively comfortable and has many repeat customers, with A fabric, which is thin and light, and 4-way stretch.
The fabric is made of high-gauge double knit, which is smooth and soft to the touch, and features a flat, beautiful surface and high-power stretch that are made possible by the high density. It
is comfortable to wear even in humid and sweaty seasons because it is easy on the skin. The back part is made of a different material, giving it a different texture and The soft, stretchy material adapts to your body movements and supports the range of motion around the shoulder blades.

The front hem design with a difference between the front and back gives a clean impression. It is an active design that is easy to match with urban styles.

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Color: Moss Gray x Metropolis Camo Model (height 185cm) wearing size 2 (L size)

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