062_A 4WAY Stretch Nylon Single Riders

品番: 062_A




A thin, lightweight single rider jacket made from 4-way stretch nylon and polyurethane material.
The silhouette is cut in a diagonal line from the back to the waist.
The lining is also made of specially selected matte nylon stretch (KAJIF) material.

The front zipper has a slight sheen and is the same black color as the main fabric, placed to give it a striking look.
The same zipper is placed on the cuffs, and the sleeves are designed with a high, tailored sleeve opening, making this a riders jacket designed with a beautiful silhouette in mind.
Although it is a simple rider's jacket, it has an inner pocket and plenty of storage space, so you can wear it stylishly without having to carry your hands.

The sizing is about half a size smaller than regular K-3B products, but the fabric is stretchy so it fits just right.

The fabric has a matte texture and the surface is water-repellent, making it suitable for rainy days.
This jacket has a simple, timeless design that you will never get tired of, and can be worn all year round as both an inner or outer layer.

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Color: Black Model is wearing size 2 (L size)

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