Moss Gray 085_A Driving Jacket

品番: 085_A

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A new jacket has been released, based on K-3B's interpretation of the "driving jacket".

The slightly larger lapels give it a strong presence, and the classic design with a folding back lining gives it a modern look thanks to the lightweight stretch nylon material.
As the name "driving jacket" suggests, it has a length that won't get in the way when driving, a gusset in the front for storing large items, and a patch pocket on the back. The shirt sleeves are a design point that makes an item that tends to be casual look dressy, and are convenient when you want to roll up your sleeves while driving.

The collar is made of a suede-like material. When all the front buttons are fastened, the jacket takes on a completely different look, resembling a military uniform, with a masculine and rugged feel. At the same time, the back style has a classic feel, as if you were wearing a tailored jacket.
You can wear it in a jacket style with the third button open, or in a military style with all the buttons fastened, allowing you to enjoy styling it according to your mood and the occasion.

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