Black x White ■ 0903_M3L Rain Shell Low Cap

品番: 0903_M3L




A rain shell low cap that goes well with any style and adds a sophisticated look just by wearing it.

The long brim blocks the sun while keeping your eyes focused, and the back has an adjuster so you can adjust it to your preferred size.

The hat has a carefully designed shape that flatters the shape of your head even when you just put it on, and the brand logo is printed on the gently curved brim.

Furthermore, it is waterproof and durable, allowing you to enjoy a stylish style even in bad weather, making it useful for a long season.

MENS sizes are also available.

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  • Black x Black ■ 0903_M3L Rain Shell Low Cap


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  • Black x Black ■ 903_M3L Rain Shell Low Cap


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