Carbon Navy ■ 0_041_RG Active Light Shell Parka (Graphic)

品番: 0_041_RG




Introducing a new graphic version of the soft shell parka with a striking, vibrant logo.

The most distinctive feature of this parka is the hood, which has a triangular tab with a magnet on the back. When the hood is down, it reacts to the magnet on the back and keeps the hood in place.
This means that even when you're doing strenuous exercise, the hood won't get in the way and you won't have to worry about adjusting the shape of the parka, making it designed for more active situations.

In addition, the neck of the hood has a small spindle back (a small loop) that keeps the spindle from dangling when running or walking.
In particular, it eliminates the discomfort of the spindle hitting your face, wobbling, and asymmetrical sensations during exercise, making it an indispensable feature for running and sports.

In addition, the armholes and shoulder seams of the sleeves have been eliminated, and the construction is designed to prevent rain from getting in through the seams. The side seams are not straight across, but shifted forward and backward, allowing the fabric to stretch moderately, making it easier to raise and lower the sleeves and eliminating the hassle of the hem rolling up.

The front zipper of the K-3B ZERO, which was designed to provide ease of movement and functionality, features a slider that is easy to grab and pull with a good grip, taking into consideration movements when wearing gloves or opening and closing the zipper while running.

The triangular logo on the back of the K-3B ZERO is an iconic design that uses a pressure-bonded print with deodorizing properties. It is placed in a position that is casually visible when the hoodie is worn.
Ventilation with a logo printed on the sides is made with bonded eyelets to further prevent stuffiness and ensure breathability during exercise.

This parka was created to enable you to move, run and train without getting in the way of various movements during exercise and without the weather affecting your performance .

Color: Carbon Navy Model (height 182cm) wearing size 2 (L size)

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