Carbon Navy ■ 0_042_R_IG Graphic Active Light Shell Stand Collar Blouson

品番: 0_042_R_IG

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A graphic stand-collar blouson with a bold logo on the back is now available in limited quantities!

The K-3B design is based on the concept of urbanity, functionality, and simplicity, and features an active pattern that is designed to be suitable for exercise by dropping the shoulders significantly and cutting them in a straight line to the side, making it less likely for the hem to ride up when you raise your arms.

The construction is designed to prevent rain from getting in through the seams. The side seams are not straight across, but shifted forward and backward, allowing the fabric to stretch moderately, making it easy to raise and lower the sleeves and eliminating the hassle of the hem rolling up.

The three-dimensional collar, one of the K-3B's attention to detail, is achieved by adding a small amount of fabric to the underside of the collar and stitching to the side, allowing the collar to stand up firmly even with a thin and light fabric.

It can also be used as a cover-up during the chilly seasons of spring and autumn.
It's lightweight and compact, so it's a useful item to have in your bag when traveling or on business trips.

The triangular logo on the back of the K-3B ZERO is an iconic design that uses a pressure-bonded print with deodorizing properties . It is placed in a position that is casually visible when the hoodie is worn.
Ventilation with a logo printed on the sides using bonded eyelets provides extra breathability and prevents stuffiness during exercise.

This item is available up to size 5 (4L).

RK228WR by Kazirene Co., Ltd. is a 4-way stretch fabric that uses polyurethane blend yarn for both warp and weft. It uses full-dull yarn, and the surface of the fabric is matte and flat with a powdery finish. It is a lightweight and durable woven fabric that stretches in all directions and is suitable for serious sports scenes, and does not hinder any movement.

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