Carbon Navy ■0_042_Z Seamless "Z Series" Light Shell Stand

品番: 0_042_Z




The biggest feature of this series is that it is made using free-cut (unfinished) material using internationally patented technology, and is finished without any seams .
It is made using a special technique called high frequency bonding, using as little thread as possible.
*Sewing techniques are used in some areas where movement is required.

With ordinary fabrics, threads tend to fray at cuts and tears, but this does not happen with KAJIF's free cut material.
The Z series is made possible by taking advantage of the fact that the fabric does not fray, allowing for free cutting.The high-spec line has seamless cut-outs, so there are no bumps or irregularities and it does not hinder human movement .

The stand-up collar blouson is a perfect fit with a slightly slim fit, and the matte, hard fabric makes it extremely light to wear. The seamless, flat appearance of the fabric is the result of a design that makes full use of original fabrics and techniques that can only be achieved in our own company.
It can be packed into the left pocket , making it easy to carry and an all-season item that can be easily put on.
The K-3B ZERO logo, which is subtly visible when the zipper is opened, adds an accent.

With 360-degree stretch, the fabric "fits snugly against the skin," giving you a new feeling of comfort that is different from previous series.

The original geometric print on the lining is not only stylish, but also has deodorant kneaded into the entire print, which strongly prevents odors. In addition, this print gives a dry feeling and keeps the material away from the skin, making it comfortable to wear even in the middle of summer.

By making it seamless, there is no sewing that is always present at the hem or bodice transitions of normal sewn products, resulting in a beautiful, flat, three-dimensional finish on both the front and back.
The back side of the high frequency bonding uses an adhesive tape with excellent elasticity, and one of the features is that the adhesive surfaces of the fabrics do not overlap, giving it a unique smoothness and a more dynamic look when worn.

The surface is water-repellent, the reverse side is deodorizing, and it dries quickly, making it a versatile garment that will be perfect for the upcoming rainy season and summer, as well as for those unpleasant odors after sports or sweat has dried, thanks to the deodorizing print on the reverse side.

It is also extremely easy to move in, and delivers the best performance for everyday use, sports, the gym, and golf.

Color: Carbon Navy Model (height 185cm ) Wearing size: 1 (M size )
Model (Yoshimasa Hoshiba) wearing size: 1 (Medium size)

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