[SALE!] ■Black 0_053_E Split Raglan Sleeve Polo Shirt

品番: 0_053_E

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This item combines functionality with a focus on movement, making it suitable for both sports and everyday use around town .

The sleeves are constructed with split raglan sleeves.

*What is a split raglan?

This refers to the sleeve shape in which the area from the shoulder line to the front is a "set-in sleeve (normal sleeve)" and the back is a "raglan sleeve."

It has a clean look from the front, but the back features raglan sleeves for ease of movement.
The unique pattern design of the sleeves and shoulder lines also makes it easy to swing a golf club or lean forward, creating a stress-free fit that fits the body perfectly.

In addition, by curving the side seams toward the front of the garment,
you can also expect a visually slimming effect.

The dot buttons on the collar are normally spaced evenly, but by narrowing the space between the second and third buttons, we have created a playful design that allows customers to design the collar themselves according to their preferred style.
The irregularly positioned dot buttons on the chest are designed to look neat when buttoned up to the second button, and open up to the third button for a more open feel, less stuffiness and better ventilation.

The collar is designed to be small, creating a stylish, urban look for the polo shirt whether it is worn flat or upright.

The triangular logo on the back, which is the icon of the K-3B ZERO, is a laminated print with deodorizing properties .

Ventilation with a logo printed on the sides using bonded eyelets provides extra breathability and prevents stuffiness during exercise.
The laminated sheet attached to the hem is a subtle accent.

The result is an updated, urban polo shirt that looks different from the front and back.

Made with KJ9561AWA, an original material developed by Kaziknit Co., Ltd.

This cardboard knit uses polyester, and the multi-layered fabric that is unique to cardboard knit has a crisp elasticity, and the part that touches the skin uses high multi-yarn (yarn with very fine fibers), so it is smooth and comfortable to wear. In addition, it has been treated to absorb water and has high quick-drying properties, so even if you sweat, the fabric absorbs it immediately, and it dries quickly even after washing, reducing the stress of caring for it.
It's so comfortable and functional that you'll want to wash it and wear it again and again.

Color: Black Model (height 185cm) wearing size 2 (L size)

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