White ■ 0_055_E Active Polo Shirt

品番: 0_055_E

リニューアルしたK-3B ZEROを代表するアクティブポロシャツ



The successor model to the Active Polo 0_050_E, which has been well-received as a polo shirt that allows you to "move around"

Unlike regular designs, the shoulder line disappears into the raglan line from the neck to the back . This means that the hem doesn't roll up when you raise your arms, allowing for smooth arm movements such as swinging in golf.
In addition, the side seams are curved toward the front of the garment to visually improve your style. The chest pocket has also been changed from a patch pocket to a zippered box pocket. The pocket opening has been made wider, Closing the zipper reduces the worry of your valuables falling out. The design has evolved to give a neater, more urban feel.

This is a versatile piece that can be worn for everyday use, at work, or on the golf course, making it suitable for any occasion , and it offers a more dressy look than a regular polo shirt.

Also, since it is designed to move with the human body, the closer it is to your skin the easier it will be to move in, so we recommend wearing it in the exact size you need.

The dot buttons on the collar are normally spaced evenly, but by narrowing the space between the second and third buttons, we have created a playful design that allows customers to design the collar themselves according to their preferred style.
The irregularly positioned dot buttons on the chest are designed to look neat when buttoned up to the second button, and open up to the third button for a more open feel, reducing stuffiness and allowing for good ventilation.

The collar is designed to be small, creating a stylish, urban look for the polo shirt whether it is worn flat or upright.

The triangular logo on the left sleeve, which is the icon of the K-3B ZERO, is a laminated print with deodorizing properties .
Ventilation with a logo printed on the sides using bonded eyelets provides extra breathability and prevents stuffiness during exercise.

This is a versatile polo shirt that can be worn either tucked in or out, and can be used in a variety of situations. The graphic on the back is designed to stand out even when you tuck in the hems.

We do our best to make the product photos as close to the actual colors as possible, but the colors may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor settings and room lighting.


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