Black ■ 0_133_R Active Stretch Shorts

品番: 0_133_R




In response to many requests, we are now releasing shorts made from R fabric !

The pants use a proprietary lightweight, high-density woven fabric that is highly popular among pants fabrics.
These shorts will make your legs even more comfortable.
It can also be worn around town or for active occasions such as golf.
It has the strongest stretchability and excellent water repellency, making it ideal for everyday use as well as leisure activities.
It has a powdery, dry feel on the skin, and can withstand humidity and sweat without any stress.
It also dries quickly after washing.

Iconic The zippered coin pocket prevents important items from falling out, and has enough capacity to store a cell phone. The pocket lining is made of mesh material, which provides excellent breathability.
The drawstring at the waist can be adjusted to fit your size, and the drawstring can also be tucked inside, making it a 2-way item.

The design is full of sporty taste and is designed for maximum ease of movement. It also comes with a belt loop, making it perfect for a round of golf.

Color: Black
Model (height 185cm) wearing size 1 (M size)

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