Black ■ 0_157_NG 24HR-WEARABLE Golf Pants

品番: 0_157_NG




Since its release, the "24HR-WEARABLE" series of _N fabrics has been extremely popular, with people saying that it is "addictively comfortable to wear." Golf pants are now available from K-3B ZERO.

These excellent pants are made from a highly stretchy material that allows for easy movement, yet they also have a sleek, neat silhouette that gives them a classy look.
It comes with a belt loop, making it a versatile style that can be worn not only on the golf course but also in the office.

This jacket incorporates sporty elements throughout, such as a common back print and ventilation eyelets on the sides, making it both comfortable and stylish.

There are also two popular polo shirts with the same graphic design, each with active functionality.

A versatile new pair of pants that can be worn both everyday and for active occasions.

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Color: Black Model (height 185cm) Wearing size: 2 (L size)

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