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A front zip T-shirt made of comfortable material perfect for the coming season when sweat can be a worry.

High performance even in sweaty seasons and humid climates Made with the familiar recycled mesh material.
Also noteworthy is its thinness and size, which will be useful for layered styles in the coming season.
It is highly absorbent and quick-drying, making it ideal for active scenes as well as everyday use. It is smooth to the touch and easy to remove from the skin, making it a material that is well-known for its stress-free comfort.

moreover The triangular logo on the back, which is the icon of the K-3B ZERO, is a laminated print with deodorizing properties.

The underarms are cut to prevent the hem from rolling up even when you raise your arms.
In golf, it allows for smooth arm movements such as swinging, The side seams are moved further forward than the front, allowing for more movement in the back.
A chin guard has been added to prevent the front zipper slider from touching your neck, and the fabric is made thin to give a clean impression with no bulk around the zipper.
The linear graphics on the back add an accent. The chest pocket flap has rounded corners, typical of the K-3B, retaining a military feel.

The front zip design allows you to achieve a trendy style simply by replacing your usual top, and the opening and closing of the chest creates a well-balanced look.
You can open the zipper and enjoy layering it with an inner layer, or close it for a neat and smart look.

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