Carbon Navy ■0_302_D Cardboard short sleeve mock neck T-shirt

品番: 0_302_D




A short-sleeved mock neck made of knit material with a firm, cardboard texture and a three-dimensional, crisp feel .

The short-sleeved mock neck has a smooth texture and can be worn for a long season . The fabric and size are perfect for layered styles in the coming season. It is highly absorbent and quick-drying, making it perfect for everyday use as well as active scenes. The triangular logo on the back, which is the icon of the K-3B ZERO, is a laminated print with deodorizing properties.

In addition, the hem does not roll up when you raise your arms when playing golf, and is designed to allow smooth arm movements such as swinging. If you wear something that moves well underneath, the outer layer does not get caught and you do not feel uncomfortable, so it is recommended as an inner layer as well as a single piece. The fabric on the sides also absorbs sweat and disperses the absorbed moisture, making sweat stains less noticeable and spreading it over a wide area, making it easy to dry. It also has pressure-sealed grommets to prevent it from getting stuffy. The mix of different materials on the sides and body and the graphic logo on the hem make this a sophisticated piece with a strong presence.

This is a versatile item that can be worn in a variety of ways and can be paired with one-color or monochrome outfits, or with classic bottoms to create a stylish look.

This collection uses a new material, 2D cardboard knit, and the unique sheen of the fabric gives it an elegant impression. At first glance, you won't even notice it's knitwear, as it features a smooth, fine-grained surface and a moderate thickness. It has a refined finish that will make you look dashing in business situations.

Generally, cardboard knit has a bulky and solid texture, but 2D cardboard uses special yarns to maintain the firmness and stiffness of the fabric while ensuring comfortable elasticity and supple drape. It flexibly follows the movements of the body without losing its silhouette. It is made using a technique called double-face, in which two high-density pieces of fabric are joined on the inside, so the back of the product is as beautiful as the front and feels good against the skin.

Furthermore, contrary to its appearance, the K-3B is light and soft to the touch, and has addictive stretchability, making it ideal for manufacturing that prioritizes ease of movement.

Model (height 186cm) wearing size 2/3 (ML size) Color: White

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