127_N 24HR-WEARABLE Pedal Pusher Pants

品番: 127_N




This is a reissue of the previous model, which has been reinterpreted in a more dressy style, with a K-3B feel, while still maintaining the original pedal pusher pants silhouette.

Relaxing sports pants were originally designed to make it easier for cyclists to move around, and became a big hit in the 90s. They are loose around the hips to make it easier to pedal, and the tapered hemline prevents the hem from interfering with the wheels.
On this model, the front seam has been changed to a tuck.
Pedal Pusher, which is usually made of denim, has been given a modern update with the ever-popular N fabric. The military spec elements and the high-density, flat, beautiful surface of the N fabric's high-gauge knit give it an urban look.

The rise is deep, ensuring freedom of movement around the waist, and it also has the functionality to allow easy access to the pockets while riding a bicycle.
With its water-repellent properties and high-power stretch properties, it is not only great for everyday use around town, but is also a pair of pants that those who actually ride their bikes can experience even greater attention to detail.

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Color: Black Model (height 186cm ) Wearing size: 1 (M size )

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