Black ■ 152_GG METROPOLISCAMO Printed Recycled Yarn Mesh Graphic Shorts

品番: 152_GG

K-3B 3周年記念モデルのグラフィックシリーズ!



The very popular mesh graphic shorts Metropolis camo graphics now available!

These adult shorts have a simple design with no unnecessary elements and a sharp silhouette.
This mesh fabric has been treated with xylitol to give it antibacterial and deodorizing properties, and is made from recycled yarn, making it an environmentally friendly material.
The 100% polyester fabric is dry to the touch and dries quickly even after washing. It also uses a non-sticky material that feels good against the skin and provides a stress-free fit.
The pockets are made of mesh material, which is breathable and keeps you cool. The right inside pocket has a zip coin case, which is an icon of the K-3B pants.
There is also a D-ring on the right side of the waist for attaching a key case, etc.

The length above the knee is an exquisite and easy-to-use silhouette, with a subtle graphic print on the left hem . The waist is elastic and has a drawstring for a relaxed fit. The back pockets have water drainage holes, making them comfortable to wear on the beach.
This is an item that you will definitely wear a lot this summer, both as loungewear and as street wear.

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