Black ■ 662_L Vintage Stretch Army Blouson

品番: 662_L




An army blouson with a slightly matte texture and a modern twist that can be worn with style and elegance.

Made from 100% polyester, this item has excellent stretchability and is made from L fabric, which has become a popular staple since its release last year. We have added blousons as casual items to our lineup, which previously only consisted of jacket and pants sets. It has a smooth texture and feels good on the skin, so you can wear it for a long time without feeling stressed. It has a dry touch and dries quickly, and is easy to wash and take care of , so it is useful for everyday use.

Based on US military training wear, we have retained its functionality while giving it an urban design with a unique K-3B interpretation.
There are six invisible ventilation slits at the front and back of the garment, which are designed to let out heat that tends to build up inside, for a fresh and comfortable fit.
In order to elevate army items, which tend to be rugged, to town use, the details have been designed to create a minimalist look. The waist pocket has a concealed zipper. The high collar, which is cut continuously from the front and stands up sharply, has padding inserted at the back of the neck to prevent it from losing its shape and stands up nicely along the neck. The design is focused on maintaining the silhouette and has no unnecessary elements, so it can be coordinated with a variety of innerwear and bottoms.
The only subtle accent is the gunmetal black reflective K-3B logo on the opening of the front left pocket.

A highly practical jacket that is highly breathable and quick-drying, making it suitable for wearing throughout the year.
For bottoms, we recommend pairing it with cargo pants with the clean lines that K-3B is known for, or with neat tapered pants for a dressy look.

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