[Pre-order additional sales announcement] 106S_A 4WAY Stretch Cargo Shorts

The "106S_A 4WAY Stretch Cargo Shorts" were sold out by pre-order only before the sale, so we have now produced a limited number of them.

The summer-only short version of the 106_A 4-way stretch cargo pants, one of the most popular pants from K-3B, is back in stock.

The length just above the knee makes for an exquisitely easy-to-use silhouette. The material is dry to the touch and quick-drying, so it dries quickly even after washing and doesn't get sticky.
With the hot weather still continuing, this is a piece that can be used in a variety of situations.
This item is also available in limited quantities, so please take this opportunity to check it out.

[This product will be shipped sequentially from late August to mid-September ]

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106S_A 4WAY Stretch Cargo Shorts