[New Item] Nylon single riders jacket now on sale!

New Product Information

062_A 4WAY stretch nylon single riders jacket.
Slim and minimalist design. So, it's a great choice.

The design appears very simple at first glance, yet it is packed with the attention to detail and functionality that is unique to the K-3B.
Introducing a timeless rider's jacket that can be worn all year round and will never get old.

The three-dimensional cut runs diagonally from the shoulder line to the back waist, creating a sharp silhouette.
The sleeves are tailored with high waists and no excess fabric in the armholes, creating a structure that makes the upper arms look slim.

Also, because both the outer and inner linings are made from a stretchy material, we have intentionally made it about half a size smaller than our usual K-3B jacket.
It fits just right and can be worn without any stress, and because it is slim, it won't get in the way even if you wear a coat over it on chilly days.

The matte outer surface is water-repellent, making it suitable for rainy days.
The waist pocket has a zipper for added security, and there are also two inner pockets for ample storage space!
This is a product that we can confidently recommend in every respect.

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062_A 4WAY Stretch Nylon Single Riders Jacket ■ Black