[New product] Ventilation mask for comfortable training, sports and outdoor activities

[New product information]
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A ventilation mask that gives you freedom during training and outdoor activities .
It prevents droplets from spreading while allowing you to adjust the breathability, so you don't feel short of breath .
It keeps you cool and blocks out heat from the sun. It repels rain, dries sweat, and keeps your skin stress-free.
A multi-function mask that supports your training and activities.

The ear straps and K-3B logo are reflective to ensure safety when running or cycling at night. The ear straps are adjustable so your ears won't hurt even if you wear them for a long time. They also have antibacterial, deodorizing, and quick-drying properties, so if you wash them quickly after your nighttime training or running and hang them out to dry, you can wear them again the next morning in a clean condition. You can wash them every day to keep them hygienic.

Color: Black/Gray (This order screen will be for gray)
Black is here .
Size: M/Width 20cm, Height 15cm (female-male small) L/Width 22cm, Height 16cm (male)
Model (height 180cm) wearing size L *Basically, women wear size M and men wear size L.

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<Please read before purchasing>
*It is believed that wearing a mask in the summer increases the risk of heatstroke.
Using this mask does not necessarily prevent heatstroke.

According to policies from the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, please be sure to pay attention to the following when using a mask in the summer.

・Drink fluids frequently, regardless of whether you feel thirsty or not. ・When outdoors and you can maintain a sufficient distance from others, remove your mask. ・Children and the elderly are more susceptible to heatstroke than adults, so it is important for people around them to speak to them. ・If you feel any abnormalities, immediately move to a cool place to cool down your body, remove your mask, and consult a medical institution.

●As this is a hygiene product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to size or color , so please check before ordering.

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