K-3B's first shoe, the Washi Yarn Airy Sneaker, is now on sale!

I recommend wearing them barefoot in the summer!
These highly functional sneakers are made using a new material called washi thread, making them lightweight at just 210g .

Washi paper is made from pulp ( trees ) and is therefore a very sustainable material. It has excellent moisture absorption properties, is not prone to becoming stuffy, and is breathable, so you can only truly experience its comfort by wearing it barefoot. In addition, because it is porous like activated carbon ( with many small holes ) , it is easy to absorb the source of odors and is expected to have the effect of decomposing bacteria by microorganisms.

These sneakers are extremely light, don't get stuffy, and have excellent deodorizing properties, making them perfect for wearing barefoot.
Please try out the functions of washi thread.

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