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New Product Information

104_N 24HR-WEARABLE Cargo Joggers
<br>The newest addition to the popular "24HR-WEARABLE" series is finally here!

A new pair of pants that is a hybrid of the best parts of cargo pants and jogger pants, both popular items at K-3B.
The silhouette is slightly slim, and even though it has a jogger silhouette, it doesn't look too casual.
Despite its snug fit, the power stretch fabric is comfortable to wear and is water repellent, making it convenient for rainy days.

These cargo joggers are so comfortable you could even sleep in them, yet the elegant luster and firm fabric keeps them from looking too casual.

Color: Black Model (Yoshimasa Hoshiba) Wearing size: 1 (M size)

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104_N 24HR-WEARABLE Cargo Jogger ■Black