[PRESS] An introductory video for the K-3B product has been released on the BR channel!

The K-3B products were introduced on the YouTube channel "BRONLINE Fashion College", where Yoshimasa Hoshiba serves as a lecturer.
Link to the video is here>>

Mr. Hoshiba enthusiastically talks about the " 110_G Recycled Yarn Mesh Graphic Shorts" and " 115_G Recycled Yarn Mesh Graphic Jogger Pants," which he says he "seriously wears every day, 365 days a year," as well as the new " 663_G Recycled Yarn Mesh Blouson," which can be paired with them, and gives a detailed explanation of how they feel when worn.
Perfume TikToker Kenty wore the " 021_N 24HR-WEARABLE Minimal Jacket", " 107_N 24HR-WEARABLE Tapered Pants", and " 047_K Washi Yarn Round Hem T-Shirt" as an inner layer for a modern suit style. For a casual style, he wore the new " 331_K Washi Yarn Rubber Print Crew Neck T-Shirt" and " 0_057_JG Pique Polo Shirt Graphic", as well as a variety of items including the new cap and other accessories.

Mr. Hoshiba actually wears a variety of outfits and provides commentary, so be sure to check them out for yourself.

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