[CARE INSTRUCTIONS] Fabric care instructions

[CARE INSTRUCTIONS] Fabric care instructions

Thank you for your continued patronage of K-3B products.

In order to express the stretchability and fine texture that are characteristic of our products, we use a special process called pre-twisting to give the yarn a crimp (bulkyness), as well as a process called covering, in which the yarn is wrapped around polyurethane.
In addition, because high-multi-purpose thread is used, some products may experience a phenomenon where dust gets caught in the gaps between the thread filaments and becomes difficult to remove.

For products made of woven fabrics, mainly those with model numbers ending in " _A" or "_A3L", if dust or dirt has accumulated and the surface of the fabric has turned white, please gently wipe it off with a clothes brush or multi-purpose cloth (such as a glasses cleaning cloth).
If you still can't remove it, I think the white spots will come off cleanly if you quickly wipe them off with a non-alcoholic wet wipe.

If you have any questions about how to care for our fabrics or products, please feel free to contact us.

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