[RESTOCK!] K-3B ZERO caddy bag is back in stock!

We apologize for the wait as the first batch sold out quickly.
Our popular caddy bags are back in stock and we are now taking pre-orders!

A minimalist, solid, lightweight nylon caddy bag with a graphic design that incorporates the elements that make up the K-3B.
All zippers are waterproof, so you can use it even on rainy days.

[This product is a pre-order item. Items will be shipped sequentially from the end of September .]

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A lightweight stand-type caddy bag made of nylon with a diameter of 8.5 and a weight of 3.1 kg.
It is rain resistant and durable, and uses a waterproof zipper to prevent water from entering through the zipper.
The handle ornament is made of an original silicone material with the K-3B ZERO logo.
The zipper has a good grip, making it easy to open and close even while wearing gloves.
The separate fabric on the pockets adds an accent.