K-3B's first NEW YEAR BAG is now on sale, exclusively at our directly managed stores!

We will be releasing limited edition NEW YEAR BAGs at K-3B Omotesando Hills store, GINZA SIX store, and TIMONE KANAZAWA!
The NEW YEAR BAG contains only men's items, including three items: outerwear, underwear, and pants.
A great value set of ready-to-wear outfits for just 55,000 yen (tax included) We will provide it to you.

・Limit one set per person.
・Sales will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations will not be accepted. Sales will end once all stock is sold out.
・Please note that due to the nature of this product as a lucky bag, we cannot accept returns.
・Please note that this item is not available in the online shop.

Sales will begin at each store from the morning of the first day of business in the new year, so please check the schedule below.

[K-3B stores and New Year opening hours]
Please note that opening hours will vary by store during the New Year. The schedule is as follows. All our staff look forward to seeing you.

[Omotesando Hills store]
1/1 (Mon) All facilities closed
1/2 (Tue) and 1/3 (Wed) 11:00-19:00
Regular business hours from 1/4 (Thurs.) 11:00-20:00

[GINZA SIX store]
1/1 (Mon) All facilities closed
1/2 (Tue) 10:30-20:00
Regular business hours from 1/3 (Wed) 10:30-20:30

[TIMONE KANAZAWA/Customer Service]
Closed from 1/1 (Mon) to 1/3 (Thu)
Regular business hours from 1/4 (Thurs.) 11:00-19:30