Introducing three new models of the "Ultra-insulating Aerogel Padding" series to keep you warm during the middle of winter!

What is "super insulating material aerogel padding"?

Aerogel is an ultra-lightweight insulating material made of silica aerogel, a type of silicon dioxide, and air.
Heat energy is transferred through convection, conduction, and radiation, but aerogel blocks most of this. With low thermal conductivity and high insulation properties, it has such high specifications that it is even used in some space suits .

(Photo) Aerogel solid photo

(Figure 1) Diagram of the insulating structure of aerogel

On the other hand, aerogel is hydrophobic, insoluble in water, and brittle, making it extremely difficult to process. However, we have managed to commercialize it by using a special technology to adhere the aerogel to cotton using a 3D printer.

(Figure 2) Cross-section of the filling with aerogel fixed using a 3D printer

The aerogel padding, which combines insulation and breathability, controls the temperature inside the garment, keeping you comfortable at all times.

K-3B will be releasing a new winter collection of cold weather items made from this revolutionary new material that is ultra-lightweight and has excellent insulating properties!

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071_A_AG Super Insulating Aerogel Filled Wide Silhouette MA-1 Blouson
072_A_AG Super Insulating Aerogel Padded Stand Collar Blouson
074_A_AG Super Insulating Aerogel Filled Zip-Up Vest