Long-awaited resale! We will inform you of the restock schedule of popular items that have sold out.

Popular tops and bottoms made from summer staple fabrics, and information on upcoming arrivals

These T-shirts and shorts are made from K-3B's high-performance material, so you can never have too many. These super popular items, which keep on selling out after arriving in stock, are now back in stock.
Don't miss this opportunity!

[Scheduled to arrive in late May]
Pre-orders start from 19:00 on Thursday, May 23rd

◾️047_K Washi thread round hem T-shirt
White * Planned to be renewed to Snow White, which pursues whiteness

[Scheduled to arrive in June]
NEW! Pre-orders start on Saturday, June 1st
◾️110_G Recycled Yarn Mesh Graphic Shorts
Black x Black
Black x White

Expected to arrive in late June
◾️331_K Washi thread rubber print crew neck T-shirt
Snow White