Metropolis Camo ■ 030_A 4WAY Short Sleeve Piste

品番: 030_A

K-3B 3周年モデル・人気のピステにメトロポリスカモ総柄がリリース!



New colors have been added to the popular stretch piste that has been on sale since its release! The K-3B's first all-over print, "METROPOLIS CAMO," is an urban design that blends in with modern cityscapes.

A graphic capsule collection of the K-3B 3rd anniversary model.
A box-shaped piste made from a thin, lightweight nylon and polyurethane material with 4-way stretch functionality. The matte texture of the fabric has been treated with a water-repellent surface, giving it a stylish design while retaining its functionality as sportswear. The iconic numbering has also been changed to a print.

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of K-3B , the first all-over printed short-sleeved piste has been released.
We created an original digital camouflage print inspired by the landscape of urban buildings.

The neck is slightly loose, so you can enjoy layering it with a T-shirt. The recommended innerwear is the 037 model. It has a concealed zipper on the shoulder, making it easy to put on and take off.
The hem has a drawstring and stopper, so you can tighten the hem to change the silhouette.
This T-shirt has a trendy boxy silhouette but is not too oversized, making it an exquisitely easy-to-wear design.

We do our best to make the product photos as close to the actual colors as possible, but the colors may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor settings and room lighting.


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