Black ■ 0601_L Vintage Stretch Zip Up Blouson

品番: 0601_L




The short length makes it easy to move around in and it can be used for many purposes. K-3B WOMEN jacket.

A lightweight sports jacket or drizzler jacket A K-3B WOMEN-like interpretation.
The fabric is made using yarn developed exclusively by Kaji Nylon, and is not only stretchy, but also windproof, water-repellent, and has a silent feel that eliminates noise when the fabric rubs against something, even though it is 100% polyester.
The material is moderately matte and has a slightly brushed peach skin touch. The fabric has a unique firmness and three-dimensional feel, giving it a deep texture.

It also features a moderate length that does not interfere with your driving posture, and the ribbed design at the hem allows you to enjoy changing the silhouette by incorporating ribbing into the garment.
The patch pockets on both sides of the front have a gusset that opens up to make them larger when you put something inside. When empty, they lie flat to reduce wind resistance.
The chest has a vertical zipper pocket that allows you to easily take things in and out with one hand.

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