Black ■ 1006_L Cargo Pants

品番: 1006_L




Cargo pants with a wide, relaxed silhouette for a trendy look

The front part of the waist is not elastic for a dressy look, while the back waist is elastic for a comfortable fit.
The belt loops are accented with the brand's logo.
The pockets are flap pockets with rounded corners, which are also used in the men's line.
The new design this time is the cargo pocket on the side. When you put something in the pocket, the gusset opens to the outside, increasing the pocket's capacity, and when you empty the contents, the pocket becomes flat, making it less susceptible to wind resistance.
There is a spindle on the inside of the hem, so you can tighten the hem to change the silhouette, making it a two-way design.
For coordination, we recommend an A-line silhouette with a compact top and voluminous bottoms.

The new fabric material is polyester but has a distinctive texture that looks like cotton.
The slightly matte texture of the material makes it stylish without being too casual. The new material's lightness and moderate firmness create a relaxed look.
It has a dry touch and dries quickly, making it easy to care for, including washing.
It also feels smooth and comfortable to wear. The weaving method and thread are ingenious and it has high stretchability, so it looks neat and easy to move in, making it extremely functional.

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Color: Black
Model (height 167cm) Wearing size: 1/2 (ML size)

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