Moss Gray ■ 078_A Motor Blouson

品番: 078_A

スタイリスト坂井達志氏が手掛ける「PROGRESS OR REGRESS」とのダブルネーム企画。



A modern take on the motor jacket made for the French Army's motorcycle units.

A distinctive short box silhouette. The front zipper is concealed with a concealed placket to protect you from the wind and rain. The raglan sleeves are easy to move in and allow for mobility. The collar is made of a suede-like material, giving it a masculine and rugged look, but the overall look is light, so it can be worn as an outer layer or mid-layer in any season.

The lining is a smooth fabric and mesh that allows for smooth putting on and taking off. The material of the upper half is the same as that of high-quality down, and if used all over, air would not escape, so by switching to mesh, it is a technical specification that adds breathability.
There are pockets on the back of both sides of the front body where you can store a cell phone or small plastic bottle.

The 4-way stretch matte fabric has a sporty yet dressy texture that can be worn on the job. This piece will complete your modern military urban style.

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