White ■ 092_F LOW CUT socks

品番: 092_F




Ankle-length socks with a dry touch, antibacterial, deodorizing, moisture-absorbing, quick-drying properties that reduce the discomfort caused by stuffiness in socks.

These functional socks are made in Japan and are antibacterial, deodorant, and quick-drying. The backing thread is made of deodorant Leica yarn, which further improves the deodorant function.
In addition, the following features have been incorporated to make the socks less likely to slip off and more comfortable to wear.

■Wide heel: The heel is knitted larger to fit snugly around the heel and prevent the shoes from slipping off.
■Ribbed support included...Ribbed support is included in the arch of the foot to reduce slipping when worn and make it less likely to slip off.
■Seamless design: The toe area is linked together to create a flat fabric, reducing the discomfort of the seam touching the toes.
Made from a blend of hollow polyester and premium cotton yarn, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The K-3B logo peeking out from the sneakers adds an accent.
The sock number "092" is printed under the toe.

●Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges , so please check before placing your order.

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