0_661_O2.5L Rain Setup 2WAY Hooded Parka

品番: 0_661_O2.5_L




A hooded parka that meets the high standards of basic performance required for rainwear.

Water resistance and breathability are essential indicators when selecting rainwear. The test results for this outer material, "O2.5L," are as follows.

Water resistance: 10,969mm
Moisture permeability: 20,952g/㎡.24hr

Water resistance is a number that indicates how much water pressure a fabric can withstand. It is generally said that if it has a water resistance of 10,000mm or more, water is less likely to penetrate the fabric even in heavy rain.
Breathability indicates the degree to which steam generated inside the garment can escape from the fabric. Rainwear generally has a breathability of 8,000g to 10,000g, so this fabric has a breathability of over 20,000g, making it a very high-spec fabric. It combines waterproof performance with low-humidity comfort.

It has a lightweight and flexible texture that is not stiff while still having high waterproof and breathable performance. This is achieved by bonding a layer that forms minute pores on a molecular level to the back of the nylon outer fabric, so that rain and water droplets (100μ to 3,000μ) cannot pass through but water vapor (0.0004μ) can pass through.
The hood is stored inside the stand collar and can be quickly pulled out by opening the snap button, making it a convenient 2-way design.
All seams have waterproof tape laminated on the back, and the area around the waterproof zipper is fully seamed to prevent water from entering.
The raglan line on the back has ventilation that prevents rainwater from getting in, further improving the prevention of stuffiness. The cuff tabs are hook-and-loop fastener type that allows you to adjust the size with one touch even in the rain. In addition, the back hem is longer than the front hem, making it easier to lift your legs when exercising, and preventing wind and rain from getting in from the waist when bending and stretching.
The graphic print on the left sleeve and front is reflective, making it ideal for golf, cyclists, and other outdoor activities.
It comes with a lightweight and compact storage pouch, making it easy to carry. We recommend pairing it with the 0_145_O2.5L "Rain Setup 2WAY Silhouette Pants".

Model (height 186cm) wearing size 2/3 (ML size)

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