094_K Washi Yarn Airy Sneakers

品番: 094_K




Perfect for wearing barefoot in the summer! These highly functional sneakers are made using a new material, washi paper thread , and weigh just 210g (per shoe) .

Washi paper is made from pulp ( trees ) and is therefore a very sustainable material. It has excellent moisture absorption properties, is not prone to becoming stuffy, and has good breathability, so you can only feel its comfort when you wear it barefoot.

In addition, because it is porous like activated carbon ( having many small holes ) , it is easy to adsorb the source of the odor and it is also expected to have the effect of allowing microorganisms to break down bacteria.

These white low-cut sneakers are simple and easy to use, but are packed with functionality that makes them unique to K-3B .

Handling Precautions
・Please remove the insole when hand washing the shoes. This may damage the sponge.
・Due to the porous structure of washi paper, dirt may be difficult to remove. You can reduce the adhesion of dirt by spraying it with a water repellent spray regularly.
- If the product does not suit your skin, discontinue use.

Upper material mix ratio
Polyester fiber 60%
Washi fiber 27%
Nylon fiber 13%

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