Black ■ 0_003_R Active Single Jacket

品番: 0_003_R

ゴルフシーンに最適な洗練された雰囲気のあるジャケット が登場!



A sophisticated jacket for any occasion, whether for business or golf.

The popular single jacket is made of R fabric, which has a powdery touch and matte texture. It is a highly rated material with omnidirectional stretchability and a pleasant feel against the skin. It has a design that fits both business and sports scenes.

This active jacket is made from the most stretchy material among K-3B's woven fabric items, and is made with advanced technology that minimizes seams. There are no seams on the back, such as vent lines, allowing for a wide range of stretch.
The patch pockets have a bonded patch on the bar to reinforce their strength. It is wrinkle-resistant, durable and easy to care for, even when worn and carried around, making it a multi-functional jacket that can be worn both on and off the job and for sports.

This jacket incorporates sporty elements throughout, such as the K-3B ZERO's iconic deodorizing printed triangular logo and ventilation eyelets on the sides, making it both comfortable and stylish.

Color: Black
Model (height 185cm) wearing size 2 (L size)

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