Black ■ 0_157_R Active Golf Pants

品番: 0_157_R




The popular 157 pant type features a gently tapered line that creates a beautiful silhouette, and now comes in a new model made from powdery, matte R fabric that stretches in all directions!

The lightweight and durable woven fabric, which has been extremely popular since its debut, is suitable for any movement and provides a stress-free fit in a variety of situations, including golf. The functional material from KAJIF supports smooth movement without any tightness or discomfort when sitting.

These gentlemanly golf pants combine minimalism and sportiness, making them a versatile item that can be worn in a wide range of situations. By simplifying them to the extreme, they have been created into stylish adult pants. The slightly thin fabric can be worn for a long time regardless of the season by adjusting the inner layer. The tapered silhouette that becomes slimmer towards the hem creates an excellent balance with tops.
Although these pants have a dressy look, they have elastic shirring on the sides of the belt , so they fit snugly to the waist and are easy to move in, making them stress-free.
These pants are perfect for serious sports where you can perform at a high level, but they are also a highly versatile item that can be worn in business situations as well.

The triangular logo is printed on the inside with a deodorizing function. The front coin pocket, which can easily store a cell phone size coin, is also still available. It has a belt loop and a neat look, so it is recommended for a business-like design.

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