Black ■ 0_0309_D Cardboard mock neck T-shirt

品番: 0_0309_D




A mock neck T-shirt made of cardboard knit material, with a cut line that beautifully accentuates your figure.

The material, which has a firm and three-dimensional feel and is made of cardboard knit, is very popular among our staff. Introducing a versatile mock neck T-shirt that can be worn in many different ways using this popular material .
It has high stretchability that does not hinder movement, high moisture absorption and quick drying, so it absorbs sweat and dries quickly. It is also highly durable in washing, and is an excellent fabric that does not easily get pilling even after repeated washing and wearing.

The triangular logo on the back, which is the icon of the K-3B ZERO, is a pressure-bonded print with deodorizing properties .
It's stylish yet highly functional.
Although simple, the three-dimensional texture of the fabric gives it a striking presence, making it a top that can be worn throughout three seasons other than midsummer.

The high neckline gives an elegant look, and the silhouette is naturally fitted.
The front is designed to create a visual effect and give a clean look. Mint, a first for K-3B WOMEN, has been added to the basic colors.

We recommend pairing it with a skirt made from the same material!

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