[PREMIUM COLLECTION] 0_046_M3L Full Seam Mountain Parka

品番: 0_046_M3L

THE PROFESSIONAL SPEC(プロスペック)仕様のフルシーム・マウンテンコート



The ultimate mountain parka that can withstand harsh environments while still having a fashionable design that can be worn around town.

Special attention paid to cutting parts with a wide range of motion Introducing a fully seamed mountain coat that is waterproof, windproof, and breathable .
Made of breathable and waterproof 3-layer fabric, it protects you from the wind and rain. We have adopted high-spec fabric that is breathable and suitable for outdoor use .
The silhouette is oversized, but the armholes are cut to give it some room, but even if you wear a lot of innerwear, the silhouette won't be ruined and it won't look bulky. There are no stitches on the shoulders, so rain cannot get in through the stitches.
The hood has darts only at the back of the head and no seams at the top of the head, making it more waterproof and preventing water from getting inside. Even when the hood is not worn, it fits neatly into a beautiful triangle, giving it a stylish look.
The sealing tape is designed to be applied in a calculated order, is fully seamed and is designed to be difficult to peel off, preventing rain and snow from entering. It is a highly versatile item that can be worn for three seasons, not just winter, but also during typhoon season in spring and autumn, or at festivals.

The pockets have the same military-style chamfered corner design as the K-3B.
The subtle graphic logo in similar colors and simple design without any unnecessary elements will not interfere with various coordination styles, making it recommended for everyday use.
The slightly glossy texture gives an elegant impression, and it goes well with a sporty outfit with jogger pants, as well as a neat mixed style with slacks.

[ THE PROFESSIONAL SPEC fabric details]
A series for outdoor use made from 3-layer fabric, the highest quality breathable and waterproof material.
The outer fabric is a 4-way stretch fabric from KAJIF, the middle layer is a breathable waterproof film, and the lining is a nylon circular knit fabric. This combination has resulted in a breathable waterproof fabric that is highly waterproof, preventing water molecules from entering from the outside, while allowing water vapor from sweat to escape from the inside, preventing stuffiness.
This item is made of professional spec fabric that protects against rain and wind and is also resistant to snow.
This series boasts high fabric specifications, a three-layer structure that gives it a firm texture that looks great when tailored, and a twill weave on the reverse side that gives it an elegant luster.

Model (height 185cm) wearing size 2/3 (L-LL size)

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