Element Blue ■ 0_0609_R Active Light Zip Parka

品番: 0_0609_R




A practical zip parka that can be quickly put on and taken off to adapt to changing weather and temperatures.

This parka is perfect for activities or going out in town. The hood is made with two layers of fabric, so it keeps its shape when you pull it down, and the high, three-dimensional neckline makes your face look smaller.
The hood has a hidden button tab that can be fastened to the back while running, etc. When you want to put the hood on, you can simply snap the button back on and stow the tab away.

To take advantage of the water-repellent properties of the fabric, the shoulders are made of kimono sleeves with no stitching, and the lack of seams means there is no place for rain to get in, making it suitable for changing weather conditions. Another point is that it has a stylish design and a pollen protection function that removes pollen.
In addition, the sleeve pattern is straight, with no gaps between the shoulders and sleeves, and the loose cuffs allow for good breathability, ensuring freedom of movement and making it easier to move around.
The hem is elasticated all around for a comfortable fit and to reduce the amount of air getting in. The longer back design creates a feminine silhouette and creates a dynamic look.

The surface of the fabric is matte and flat, with a powdery finish, and is made of popular R fabric. The lightweight and durable woven fabric stretches in all directions, making it a highly functional material that is suitable for serious sports and does not interfere with vigorous movements.
The graphics in the same color on the hood and chest add a subtle accent.

It goes well with jogger pants, of course, but the length also makes it easy to match with skirts, so it goes well with any bottoms, making it a versatile piece that can be worn with any outfit.

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