Black ■ 0_1016_R Active Light Pants

品番: 0_1016_R




Handsome pants with a slim tapered silhouette and a masculine feel

The front is cut to give it the appearance of a dress, and the raised seams give the cylindrical shape a three-dimensional look, creating a beautiful silhouette from the knees up.
In addition, the design features a diagonal cut above the knee to increase stretchability.
Although the design is simple and streamlined, the highly skilled pattern work has resulted in a hybrid pair of pants that combine functionality and looks.

The waist has elastic only on the sides, making it a piece that looks beautiful when tucked in.

To make it suitable for golfing, it also comes with dressy details such as belt loops and a D-ring for hanging small items.
Valuables are safely stored in a concealed zipper pocket, while a flap pocket on the rear right allows you to quickly insert your scorecard.
The pockets are mesh on one side for ventilation.

The graphic is only on the left knee, so it doesn't stand out too much and can be used in a wide range of situations, including for everyday use around town.
The powdery touch makes it smooth to the touch, making it comfortable to wear even in sweaty seasons.
The matte, firm texture of the R fabric further accentuates the beauty of the silhouette.
We also recommend pairing it with a polo shirt for a classic look.

Color: Black Model (height 176cm ) Wearing size: 1/2 (ML size )

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