Black ■ 0_1019_R Active Light Golf Pants

品番: 0_1019_R




The ultimate golf pants with a dressy tuck

Made with the popular R fabric, which is firm and resilient. The surface is flat and matte, giving it a formal look. It is water-repellent, and repels water like beads, protecting you from the wind and rain, making it a useful item for the coming season when the weather changes drastically.

The one-tuck design gives you some room around the waist and hips, and maintains a beautiful silhouette without showing off your leg lines too much. These pants are functional for active wear, with a back pocket that allows you to easily insert and remove your scorecard, and stretch that doesn't get in the way of your leg movements.
The look is kept as simple as possible, making it a versatile piece that can be worn in a variety of situations, including business settings that require a lot of activity.

The pants are designed specifically for golf, with features such as a back pocket that makes it easy to take out and put away your score sheet, but the stretchy fabric and pattern make them comfortable to wear and make them ideal for everyday use.

Color: Black Model (height 176cm ) Wearing size: 1/2 (ML size )

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