Black ■ 0_141_R 4WAY Stretch Surf Shorts

品番: 0_141_R




The surf shorts that were extremely popular when K-3B debuted in 2020 have now been updated.

The pants use a proprietary lightweight, high-density woven fabric that is highly popular among pants fabrics.
It has the strongest stretchability and excellent water repellency, making it ideal for everyday use as well as leisure activities.
It has a powdery touch and dry feel on the skin, so it can withstand humidity and sweat without any stress.

It also dries quickly after washing.

The spindle part on the front is accented with lace-up details. Unlike regular lace-ups, the cord goes around the waist, allowing for stable adjustment.
The side seams are not located at the sides, so you can move your feet smoothly when running or doing other physical activities.
In addition, the pocket on the waist where you can place your cell phone sideways is designed to keep the phone in place and prevent it from moving while you exercise.
The triple stitching at the crotch and double stitching at the hem ensure excellent performance even as training wear.

The matte color and texture, plain and simple design, and the balance between the length above the knee and the hem width are perfect. The pocket has a zippered coin case to prevent items from falling out.
It can be used in a wide range of situations, from the water to around town and even golfing, so it's an item you'll want to keep in your bag when traveling.

Color: Black Model (height 186cm ) Wearing size: 0/1 (SM size )

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