0_092_G Athletic socks

品番: 0_092_G




These functional socks made in Japan have a strong grip and are effective for sports, standing jobs, etc. They have moderate cushioning, so you will not get tired even when playing sports or standing for long periods of time.
Using our own original processed yarn, these socks are antibacterial, deodorizing, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, lightweight and suitable for all seasons.

- Moisture absorption and release (uses cupra)
- Lightweight (lighter than products of the same thickness due to the use of hollow fibers)
・Fit (fits the heel and sole of the foot)

■Heel lock support: By adding support around the heel, it reduces slipping during exercise.
■Plantar arch support: Supports the plantar arch and reduces pressure on the soles of your feet.
■Y heel design: The heel is knitted large, so it fits snugly around the heel and is less likely to slip off.
■Seamless design: The toe area is linked together to create a flat fabric, reducing the discomfort of the seam touching the toes.
■Made of a blend of hollow polyester and high-quality cotton, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
■The back thread is made of a high-performance yarn that combines cupra and nylon, which has approximately twice the moisture absorption and release properties of conventional nylon, to reduce the feeling of stuffiness.
■The toes, heels and sole are made of pile to enhance cushioning.

Color: Black Size: F (25cm-27cm)

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