White ■ 092_K Washi Yarn Moisture Control Low Cut Socks

品番: 092_K




Moisture-regulating socks made with washi yarn spun using world-class yarn processing technology

Introducing natural, highly functional socks that take advantage of the properties of washi yarn.
Washi yarn is packed with ideal elements for socks, including deodorizing properties, UV protection, moisture absorption and quick drying, and light weight.
It is an extremely breathable fiber that is well suited to Japan's hot and humid climate.

■Wide heel: The heel is knitted larger to fit snugly around the heel and prevent the shoes from slipping off.
■Ribbed support included...Ribbed support is included in the arch of the foot to reduce slipping when worn and make it less likely to slip off.
■Seamless design: The toe area is linked together to create a flat fabric, reducing the discomfort of the seam touching the toes.
◾️Improved fit: By adding elastic support with pique knitting to areas other than the toes and heels, the overall fit is improved.
◾️Washi paper thread: Using highly absorbent and quick-drying washi paper thread reduces stuffiness.

The ankle-length socks peek out from under your sneakers, and the subtle K-3B logo is the highlight.
The sock number "092" is printed under the toe.

Color: White Size: F (25cm-27cm)

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