Black ■ 0_660_F 7d Ultimate Light Pocketable Blouson

品番: 0_660_F




Ultimate Light pocketable jacket made from the world's lightest 7d (denier) woolly yarn.

This ultra-lightweight and easy-to-carry blouson is a highly practical piece that can be quickly thrown on depending on the situation.
The fabric is woven with ultra-fine 7 denier threads, making it super lightweight and water-repellent, so it will repel light rain. It is machine washable, dries quickly, and wrinkles are not a concern, so it is perfect for seasonal changes, the rainy season, and when traveling. A useful item that can be used for multiple purposes.
The main body of the jacket can be tucked into the left pocket, and when you close the zipper, it becomes a compact pouch. It is light and small, so it is useful to carry it in your bag.

The relaxed fit silhouette makes it easy to throw on regardless of what you're wearing underneath. There are two ventilation points on the back to prevent stuffiness. The front hem can be adjusted to fit with a drawstring, and the back hem is longer than the front and has a trapezoid cut, so rainwater is less likely to get in around the waist even when exercising. The cuffs are made of a special knit tape that is thin and doesn't have any rough seams, making it comfortable to the touch and providing an excellent fit. It goes well with jogger pants for a sporty look, and is also recommended for a classic look with slacks.

Available in two colors: an exquisite gray that can be easily matched with a wide range of colors, from deep to bright, and a versatile black that goes with anything.
The zipper has a pull tab that makes it easy to hook your fingers through, making it easy to put on and take off.

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